Plastic Prototype With Silicon Molding

Case 4)Name: Plastic Prototype With Silicon Molding

Plastic PrototypeWhen first one prototype by CNC machining is completed, the client needs more pieces. The second time we made 20 pieces with silicon molding to run small batch production. The pattern is still CNC machined to be used to create silicon molding. The final prototype parts are made from HC 8150 material, it’s similar to ABS, made in Japan.

Hei-Cast 8150 is a polyurethane system developed for vacuum molding applications. It is a quality improved liquid material in term of its shrinkage and heat resistance designed to produce products with high impact strength, high elasticity and high thermal resistance. It has a good processability because of its low viscosity.

Hei-Cast 8150 is suitable for making the small lot production and the trial production of plastic prototype parts such as office equipment housings and electric appliances bodies or cases. To produce 20 pieces with HC 8150 material by silicon molding, the finish is polished and painted. We cost 20 days in total.




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