CNC Machining Processing

What is CNC Machining Processing?

The computer digital control (CNC) system is developed on the basis of traditional hardware numerical control (NC). It is mainly composed of hardware and software. By through the system control software and hardware with the completion of the feed coordinate control, spindle control, tool control, auxiliary function control. CNC system uses the computer to realize part program editing, coordinate system offset, tool compensation, interpolation operation, public system transformation, graphic display and fixed cycle. So that CNC machine tools in accordance with the operational design requirements, processing the necessary parts. Simply by means of manual programming, combined with CAD / CAE / CAM process, the block material will be cut into a CAD model to be the same as physical parts. Some of complex shape parts will need to be EDM if can not be CNC machined, such as: the slot is too deep. CNC machining relative to the manual processing has great advantages, such as CNC machining parts are very accurate and reproducible; CNC machining are able to produce manual processing which can not be completed with complex shape parts.


Why Choose CNC Machining

  1. High speed, high efficiency: Machine tool to the direction of high-speed development, can give full play to the performance of modern tool materials, not only can greatly improve the processing efficiency and reduce processing costs, but also improve the surface quality and precision parts
  2. High precision: From the precision machining development to ultra-precision processing, is the world’s industrial power to the development direction. Its precision from micron to submicron, and even nanoscale (<10 nm), the application of a wide range. Ultra-precision machining mainly includes ultra-precision cutting.
  3. High reliability: The reliability of the numerical control system is higher than the reliability of the controlled equipment by an order of magnitude, but it is not the higher reliability, the better and the reliable, because it is the product, subject to the performance and price ratio.
  4. Modularization, specialization and personalization: Modular machine tool structure, specialization of CNC function, machine tool performance and price ratio significantly improved and accelerated optimization. In order to meet the multi-species of CNC machine tools, the characteristics of small quantities, modular modular structure, CNC function specialization, machine tool performance significantly,High and accelerate the optimization, personalized in recent years is particularly evident in the development trend.
  5. Intelligent: The intelligent content includes all aspects of the CNC system: For the pursuit of processing efficiency and processing quality of the intelligent, such as adaptive control, process parameters automatically generated;In order to improve the driving performance and the use of intelligent connection, such as feedforward control, motor parameters of the adaptive operation, automatic identification of the load automatically selected models, self-tuning;
  6. Flexibility and integration: CNC machine tools and flexible manufacturing system can be easily linked with CAD / CAM / CAPP / MTS, to the direction of information integration; network system to the open, integrated and intelligent direction development of.


CNC Turning & Milling Services

CNC Turning

For some rotary parts need to use CNC turning technology to process. According to the CNC turning process conditions, it can be determined that the characteristics of CNC turning parts are as follows: First, the shape of the parts that are most suitable for CNC turning is often very complicated, and the dimensional accuracy is high. The turning process can not be completed; Secondly, for the complex curve or surface contour parts, CNC turning equipment can also be completed efficiently; for the size of the workpiece size measurement is difficult, the processing of the feed is difficult to manually control the zero.

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CNC Milling

Today CNC machining centers and CNC milling machines are widely used in the mechanical processing industry, CNC machining center is actually evolved by the CNC milling machine, it belongs to a CNC milling machine upgrade, CNC machining center in the machine structure, processing accuracy, etc. than the number of control milling machine has the advantage of automatic tool change greatly improve the processing efficiency. Production processes, when product is the requirements of the relatively fast production. More suitable for the use of CNC machining centers to manufacture.

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