Industrial Prototyping and Product Development Services In China

UYEE provides Industrial Prototype Models and rapid prototyping services to client from all kinds of fields, such as: kitchen components, medical, automotive, communications industries etc. Our team can create both appearance and functional prototype of your product, with a near identical finish to a manufactured product. Your prototype won’t only look like the finished product, but also will feel like it too.


How To Create Industrial Prototypes

Industrial PrototypeCustomers simply cannot get this level of service through a standard online quoting platform. At UYEE, we believe this generic quoting system is not conducive to building an advantageous relationship with our customers, and our team makes sure our customers get more than just a printed part. Our unique approach is built around trust so that our customers feel confident in our team’s ability to not only help plan out the best application to fit their specific need, but also to help maximize the customer’s time and money. Our team takes the time to accommodate every customer and discuss the best options available based on what their parts are being used for.

With our Industrial prototyping services, the high quality prototypes can be used for pre-launch user testing or focus groups, as well as marketing material such as photography and video production. Success of a product in today’s market depends on many factors, including a knowledge and strategy cognizant of current trends and market driven movements. Product development requires an informed understanding to allow for the ‘time to market’ process.

Physically-produced product models shorten the time it takes to test and perfect a design before the manufacturing process. By rooting out flaws early, rapid prototyping allows engineers and designers the ability to correct their designs quickly without wasting precious time and resources. The beauty of using computer aided design during the process of manufacture is that accuracy of the finished product – there are no issues with human error, and the CAD system allows intricate and complex designs to be made up fast and easily.  This is great news for inventors, experimental designers and others who are looking to get a feel for how their design or product will look and function once it is made up for real.

When speed to market is important, our product design Prototype and model making services offers Proof-of-Concept and Proof-of-Design with fully functional models. Working with our dedicated team, using rapid prototyping, Stereolithography and CNC Machining we often deliver prototypes of complete products or product parts in 3-15 days, thereby saving you time and money in this very competitive world economy.


Advanced Industrial Prototyping and Product Development Services

Our custom prototyping capabilities include SLA, CNC and vacuum casting, each offering different qualities and abilities that help you to quickly build, test and acquire better end-products. Using an approach to manufacturing exclusive to us, we provide you the tools and services needed for successful product development.

We can produce your prototype parts quickly and help you to get your products to market faster than your competition. Testing and analysis enables you to fine tune your design, materials, strength and manufacturability that will ultimately save you from costly delays and unforeseen design changes before you move to production tooling.

When Custom-made parts are required, but quantities are not sufficient for regular production, or when a customer is trying to accomplish different design results, industrial prototyping services are used.

Our client-focused approach ensures our customers are educated on the benefits and capabilities of additive manufacturing technology. Whether you are in the beginning stages of development, or ready for production, you can rely on our expertise to implement a successful manufactured solution for your business.


Better Serve Customers With Vast Experience

We are committed to adding value to your next product venture. With years of experience in product development and Industrial Rapid Prototyping, make your next step in getting your product to market in a smarter way. We are comprised of artists, master model makers, engineers, skilled machinists, project managers and experienced leadership. All members of the UYEE are not only committed to delivering top-of-the-line products and services, but also meaningful experiences for all clients.

With the world of additive expanding right before our eyes, many are familiar with additives, and have increasing access to purchasing a rapid prototyping machine; however, a vast majority of individuals do not know the best uses for the wide array of additive materials available. Our experienced sales consultants use every resource available, to ensure our customers not only get the best finished product, but also experience the most stress-free process possible. Our sales consultants will not only travel to customers to help evaluate parts, but our shop is always open if customers need to utilize our resources at hand. We pride ourselves on being a service bureau that goes above and beyond to assure that all our customers’ needs are not only met, but surpassed.