CNC Aluminum Machining of Vast Application Relationship with IE

Aluminum prototype is vast used in industry because it is a soft metal material that combines high tensile strength with low density. It has a density of about 30% of steel and 40% of titanium, with tensile strength of 400 MPa as an alloy. When exposed aluminum to oxygen, it forms a thin layer of oxidation which offers the metal with protection against corrosion, water and scratch. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity properties.

IE in understanding the production process of the “waste” link, focus on the production management aspects of the research and analysis to improve production efficiency.

(1) In the product process design, should improve the product CNC machine processing process of rationality, fast. Reduce the number of clamping products to shorten the processing CT, improve processing efficiency and processing quality, so that the products in the processing process “flow” faster;

(2) Optimize the CNC machine tool spindle operating time parameter settings to shorten the spindle processing time;

(3) To enhance the life of the tool to reduce the wear due to the tool, abnormal and other conditions, resulting in abnormal quality, production disruption occurred. Statistics and analysis of tool life, make contingency plans to ensure continuous production of production;

(4) To improve the technical level of production staff and professional quality, give full play to the subjective initiative, so that it actively and actively into the production activities to ensure the production of stable and fast operation.

(5) To truly establish and improve the “people-oriented” lean production management mechanism, and continuously improve the production environment, improve the remuneration, promotion, skills upgrading and other management methods to enhance the cohesion and stability of enterprises;

(6) Workshop logistics management and production layout design of the scientific and rational, so that the workshop production system running more smoothly. Through the IE production management to improve, so that people, machines, environment, management and other forms of “workshop ecosystem”, more harmonious and effective in the scientific management, running more smoothly, orderly, healthy.

Aluminum prototypeRapid Aluminum Prototyping is easy to cast and its properties make it become an ideal material for precision parts in machinery, motors and aerospace, corrosive environments, auto parts. Because of its thermal and electrical conductivity properties, aluminum is a good material for heat exchangers and heat processing equipment and for connectors in electrical devices.

CNC machining production automation refers to the automation of logistics, processing, inspection and information systems. CNC machine tool automation implementation process is actually the product processing process of automated management process. The development and application of automation in the production and processing of CNC machine tool products not only can improve the production efficiency, reduce the human demand, reduce the labor intensity, but also benefit the lean production management and enhance the overall level and image of the enterprise.

IE in the CNC machining production automation development process, for the problem, analysis and evaluation, program design, production promotion, continuous improvement and other sectors, have played a very important role. The following is the IE in the CNC machine tool production automation development of several application cases, these applications are now better in the production of CNC machine tools play a role.

Product of the CNC machine tool processing, the traditional approach is to determine the type of processing products, to prepare the type and number of fixtures. Fixture input is larger, more processing steps, artificial assembly and disassembly links more, therefore, the accuracy of processed products is not easy to ensure that the processing cycle is longer. Once a CNC machine fails, the entire production line has to be affected. When the product design changes, the need to re-manufacture fixture, a higher cost.

Through the research and analysis of the influencing factors of CNC machine tool processing, the development and application of CNC indexing turntable are adopted to improve the utilization rate of CNC machine tool spindle and reduce the deviation of spindle, to reduce the other auxiliary action time.

Due to CNC Machining aluminum is used throughout industry for products that require a lightweight, malleable material with high strength, high wear and corrosion resistant properties. These products include automotive parts and frames, marine components, ladders, enclosures, machine guards and structural supports and so on. Because its thermal properties, CNC aluminum prototype is a vast used. The material cost is cheaper and it’s easy to be machined. So it has many advantages in fabrication to compare with other types of metal material.

During the process of CNC machining prototype, for some complex aluminum product, due to the slot is too deep, the cut tool can not machine there. Then, it has to use wire EDM cutting to fix the problem, wire EDM cutting, it’s also called as electrical discharge machining, is a process which uses an electrically energized thin wire to slice through metal. This method uses fast, safety, controlled, repetitive spark discharges from the wire to the product, thereby eroding the metal away. The product has to be electrically conductive.

IE (Industry Engineering)