How Do UYEE Provide CNC Rapid Prototyping To Customers

With the best technology we shape your ideas. Our CNC machining services help companies take the new product faster in the market; transforming the idea into a physical model, functional prototype and with all the aesthetic aspects required to touch the product before handing over the production process. We offer you as an ideal partner thanks to our multi-year experience in rapid manufacturing field.


CNC Turning and Milling, Plastic and Metal

CNC Milling (or Numerical Control) is a subtractive manufacturing system where, starting from a CAD file, a router controlled by a computer rotates on itself and moves along different axes by removing the material until the desired object is obtained. Milling is a particularly useful process for the processing of complex shapes with curved surfaces, which can be used to cut, engrave and dig panels, slabs and blocks of material. Aesthetic models, functional prototypes, finished objects, ergonomic study samples and molds are just some of the products that can be achieved with this technology. A CAD file is loaded in the machine, the computer calculates which paths should be followed by the cutter to remove the excess matrices. At that point, the “block” of the material is quickly digested to the desired artifact.


As a top CNC machine shop, we provide our clients with functional prototypes, incredibly realistic with all aspects of the finished product, useful to test your ideas with ease before starting the production process; created with the CNC machining centers and combined with CAM software in our specialized department, for a high quality of your testers. Fast prototyping with CNC machining is a subtracting manufacturing process that offers the best results for a realistic tester and for small series production; the pieces are manufactured with high speed milling and turning processes and can be of various plastic and metal materials.


Through CNC machining prototype centers, we are able to realize prototypes and productions in plastics, polyurethane resins and metals with high efficiency rates and in a short time. This is amazing. Our mission is to accompany the most modern manufacturing companies in the different phases of the new product development cycle, from the concept to the aesthetic and functional prototype, through the design and industrialization of new products. A true is a technical office at customer service, with highly qualified technical personnel and oriented towards digital manufacturing; thanks to sophisticated CAD 3D software tools and to the fleet used


In rapid prototyping, we carry out CNC rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services; we suggest methodology and technology and we share every single step with the client. There are various areas in which we operate, from technical footwear to sports equipment, medical device. From home appliance to automotive, from biomedical to furniture industry, these are we involved in.


Print 3D aesthetic and functional prototypes

From 3D CAD design to physical model through the most innovative 3D printing technologies, with plastic, rubber and metal materials.3D printing is the fastest way to test your project handy to compare with CNC Prototyping to test the aesthetic and functional aspects before starting the production process; 3D prototype printing directly from CAD files enables fast and frequent real-world test and feedback reviews, making it a crucial step to eliminating design errors and turning it into a powerful sharing tool within the design development team.