How to Make A Metal Prototype

Prototype is an important step in the design and development process of bringing a new product to the marketing. It allows the product to be checked, modified, and enhanced in a cost effective way, without the need to invest in production tooling. With our CNC machines and a series of other standard forming tools, UYEE rapid tooling is capable of creating a fast pre-production sample part at a very reasonable cost. Prototype is also most successful when the company that makes the prototypes is a good candidate for the production.


How Does Rapid Prototyping Machines Work ?

METAL PROTOTYPERapid Prototyping machines realize parts by the addition of material in layers that together form the desired geometry via the application of a laser or filament of molten material. Building forms layer by layer in this way guarantees total expressive freedom without the limitations usually imposed by undercuts, sharp edges or draft angles impossible to realize with classic subtractive technologies.

Improvements in materials have been implemented not only in the consumer product industry, which has pioneered the use of these technologies, but also in the world of mechanical engineering. For example in Medical field or Automotive additive manufacturing technologies can replace old and expensive rapid prototype Metal parts with new plastic ones and thus escape the traditional and hierarchical limitations of spare parts supply and maintenance.

Research has focused on improving the performance of machines and of materials ever more similar to the definitive product materials in the case of Stereolithography and Sintering and ever more efficient as engineering plastics in the case of Fused Deposition Modelling.

The rapid prototype process is the automatic construction of physical objects, using solid freeform fabrication.  This technique first allows us at UYEE to produce Metal prototype 3D prototyping and prototype parts.  We can then apply it even more broadly, to manufacture production-quality parts in smaller numbers.  The process of rapid prototyping uses a three-dimensional virtual drawing, as from a CAD file, to automate the fabrication of metal prototype model.  The physical model can reveal aspects about a product earlier in the development cycle.  Whether you’re interested in a complete prototype model, or a prototype part, we can meet your requirements.


Quick Turn CNC Machined Prototypes. Always on Time!

Our quick turn around prototyping process has the capacity to manufacture parts up to 2300 x 1600MM. With full 5-Axis machining capacity we can eliminate set-ups, save lead-time and reduce part cost. We specialize in close tolerance high precision tooling and parts done right and done fast. We recommend CNC machining for Metal prototype.


Prototypes Lead to Successful Castings

We understand the value of keeping production schedules on track and on budget. Processing time for prototypes can vary depending on the design and quantity of units needed for your order. We can ensure you will receive the precision metal prototype you require within a surprisingly short time frame! We work with a leading industry supplier in China for custom prototype Metal casting. They are the top and professional provider of metal casting services in the country. Their qualified engineers, state-of-the-art technology, and substantial industry experience work in your favor throughout the development of prototypes for your project.

Cast metal prototypes present manufacturers with the opportunity to assess design concepts and production materials with accuracy before moving forward with full production. Relying on the plastic or composite materials that many companies use for prototypes can lead to inaccurate analysis and frustrating implementation. Metal casting prototypes enable manufacturers to thoroughly test the functional capacity of their designs.


Prototype Metal Stampings

Whether you require precision cutting, forming, draw form parts—we have the tools you need to get the job done. Explore some of our capabilities and our equipment to discover why We are your best bet when it comes to Prototype Metal Stampings, our prototype stampings can be produced from a variety of materials in any shape you require. We will develop your prototype stampings to your exact specifications, or we will help you design your prototype stampings to your requirements. We have a number of in-house stamping processes that will ensure quality and precision in your prototype stampings at a price and delivery that will exceed your expectations.

UYEE’s rapid prototyping uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to automatically construct models. Simply submit a drawing, sketch, or sample part and our machinists will produce a detailed CAD model from which the prototype will be constructed.

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We specialize in close tolerance high precision tooling and parts done right and done fast. We recommend CNC machining for Metal prototype.