Modern Aluminum Cast Molds Technology

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Modern Aluminum Cast Molds Technology

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Today not only CNC aluminum milling in used in many industrial fields, but also with aluminum cast molds. The complex aluminum cast mold is a new technology to produce high quality aluminum molding with the core technology of electromagnetic pump low pressure casting technology, aluminum smelting and forming composite purification technology and manufacturing core.

aluminum cast molds

The electromagnetic pump low pressure casting metal melt transfer system has a stable flow, flow control is convenient, simple the process of melting alumina suction and easy to achieve the advantages of using the process of automation, which not only the casting quality of aluminum casting, But also to improve the working environment. Reduce labor intensity, to achieve automation and modernization of the casting production.

The purification of the enameled alloy castings is an important part of the aluminum smelting and composite purification facilities in addition to gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters with high degassing, unless the performance of metal inclusions. In addition, it uses a new long life lining material, an independent thermal heating system can be used for a large number of continuous production, but also for intermittent production. The technology of aluminum melting purification efficiency, long life, low cost effective, easy to install, use and flexible.



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