Precision CNC Milled Titanium Prototype And Components At UYEE

The Performance Of Titanium Material

Titanium is a highly reactive metal material, it will burn in oxygen and nitrogen. The superior strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion resistance of titanium alloys have led to an increasing demand for titanium parts in the aerospace and defence industries. But thanks to titanium’s strength, low thermal conductivity and high chemical reactivity also make it difficult to mill and lathe. Controlling cutting temperature is particularly critical to achieving high-performance Titanium CNC Machining. Titanium does not conduct heat well. This means that when using something like an end mill in a CNC machine, the titanium components will not heat; instead, all of the energy generated by friction is widely stored in the cutting edge of the end mill. So this is very important to know by CNC operators when they are working.

As a metal material, Grade 5 Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V is often used and welcome. Titanium is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio. It is a very strong metal material with low density that is quite ductile and lustrous. As a refractory metal, the relatively high melting point makes it useful in lots of fields to be applied. It is paramagnetic and has fairly low electrical and thermal conductivity. In fact, the production process of Titanium Machined Parts are almost similar with machining Stainless Steel. So if anyone has vast experiences in machined hard tool material. Usually they can also offer quality Titanium components. Please note it’s very important to choose the cutting tool. Titanium is a relatively safe metal to work with. It has an auto-ignition temperature of 2,200F in air, so it is unlikely to ignite when milling with coolant. Titanium material presents a complex machining situation, one whose cutting parameters depend on the size and geometry of the workpiece, the specific alloy being cut, and the rigidity of the setup and the machine tool.

How To Work With Titanium Milling

CNC Milling TitaniumCNC Milling Titanium is a growing industry. Everyone who is from aerospace and automotive, to medical industry are demanding high strength parts with lower weights. Anyone works with titanium material will have to take certain factors into consideration to get the most out of their time and production cost. So titanium material is more and more used today .and it has been applied in many fields. In China, currently the roughness of titanium component is only able to control by 0.8 after grinded. Maybe it can be achieved at 01-0.2 for western manufacturers because they have more advanced grinding machine.

When you are machining tough metals like titanium material, cutting speeds generally must be kept low due to the thermal effects on the cutting tools. You have to be very serious with particular, Titanium is a poor thermal conductor, which means that the heat that is generated by the cutting process can not dissipate through the workpiece or the machine table. So the CNC operator has to be careful to do it. Milling Titanium is like milling other hard-to-machine metals in that a small increase in cutting speed can lead to a big increase in edge wear, in the meantime, it is different from other metals because of the risk of heat build-up. Due to the metal’s low thermal conductivity, overly aggressive milling may even pose a risk of combustion. With titanium material, probably there be more than one reason why the cutting speed can not be increased. The CNC operator must understand this case. Thus, the production process will go on smoothly and efficiently.

Precision Titanium Machining

Titanium Machining Services are frequently performed for businesses in the aerospace and medical equipment and automotive manufacturing industries. You can rely on us to handle your titanium machining project from prototype to end of low volume production, We will be your best choice. Our engineering team can fine-tune part specifications as requirements, while recommending production methods that will minimize costs to save you money. With a specialty of serving clients in critical fields such as aerospace, defense, and medical equipment manufacturing, we are highly experienced at titanium machining. Our experience and quality standards ensure the least material waste as well as the most precise machining.

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