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The Importance of Prototype Model Making

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In the early stage of new product development, it never lack of one process —Model Making.

When designer completes the work 3D CAD model in computer with engineering software, you can see it clear from computer. But you can not touch it, so prototype model is in need. Here we say model is physical prototype, you can see and touch it.

Now rapid prototyping model can be made by many methods, for example: SLA, SLS, CNC machining, 3D printing, and so on. After finished model, designer could check the dimensions, thus, they will know if the product size is correct. And test the structure if some shapes need to be changed. To avoid the risk of creating mold directly.

Prototype Model Making

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Where To Find Quick Prototyping Service In China

Category : Prototyping Service

As a top CNC machining and rapid manufacturing supplier in Shenzhen, we have gained a remarkable position in the concerned industry by offering quick prototyping service. We are backed up by qualified staff and technical knowledge to give full satisfaction to our customers needs for CNC prototyping. We have a wide range of advanced equipments that allows us to offer many type of different services to our customers. No only metal prototype, but also with plastic prototype. Our team members provide these job works in various specifications in tune with the need of the customers.

quick prototyping service

We aim at showing of innovative and technologically advanced ideas by way of measuring current process efficiency and bringing about continual improvement in there same, resulting in enhancement of customer satisfaction level of quick prototyping services.

We aim to focus on developing products that exceed our customers’ expectation, in the mean time meeting their current requirements.

We believe in understanding our customers’ requirements and offering our valuable services to meet them. Our passion is for customer delight.


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