How Much Do Plastic Prototypes Cost

Plastic Prototype is often used to check and test the design in new product development stage. So it’s very applied importantly in industry. There are many ways making plastic prototype. Such as: 3D printing, CNC machining, SLS, Silicon moulding etc. The cost depends on the product of size, quantity, material and finish.


plastic prototype costPLASTIC PROTOTYPE

If clients only need one piece plastic prototype, and don’t have too much strictly for material property. They can option 3D printing or CNC machining, big size with CNC, small size with 3D printing. Both silicone molding and rapid tooling are available for low volume production. If client require 10-100pieces Prototype Plastic Components, then, it will be the best option with silicone mould, a pattern is necessary firstly, it can be made by 3D printing or CNC machine.

Polish the pattern to be smooth or clear depends on the final copy part. Put it into a box after completed the pattern, use some thin pillars to support it, and pour the liquid silicone material into the box, put the box into an oven to heat 3 to 4 hours until it becomes solid, then, take it out from oven, cut off the solid material, take out the pattern from inside, the silicone mold is completed. Secondly, the worker will take out the air and dust from mould through by vacuum device. Pour final parts material into mold, heat it again, then, the part is completed. Copy them again and again. One mold is available with 15Pieces, but for some rubber and clear parts, it’s around 10 Pieces.



Regarding rapid tooling, only a few Plastic Prototype Companies specialized in this type of business. In the past, People like to use Aluminum 7075 to make rapid tooling. But the tooling life is short, and moulded parts of quality are not quite good. Today some people have made a change to use Steel instead of aluminum, the parts of quality will be better. It’s very closed to the traditional injection mould. And the tooling life can be achived at 50K. Rapid tooling is the combination of rapid prototyping with conventional molding and tooling techniques. Create a mold to cast parts quickly using additive manufacturing technologies. With rapid tooling, you can create limited runs of tools and parts quickly and cost-effectively without the overheads and lead-times associated with conventional manufacturing.



Prototyping is an essential phase in the inventing process and the early life-cycle of a new product. Our network of China-based rapid manufacturing companies is ready to help you transform your CAD design into a tangible reality. Take advantage of advanced manufacturing technology to create fast, cost effective, and functional Plastic prototype making and Metal prototype models. Rapid prototyping is used across all industries, from automotive manufacturing to toy and prop design. Communicate your idea to customers and investors, solve design issues early in development stage, and smooth out any wrinkles before running production. When you require rapid prototyping services for your business, you will be spending a lot of time trying to find the right people to do the project. Then, you have to make sure that you provide them with all the equipment that they would need. What’s more, you have to make sure that they have enough space for them to work on. This would mean that you have to be ready with some amount of money and also some space in your business for these people to work in. It can be too stressful and also too heavy for your pocket. We can now offer rapid prototyping services to help you eliminate the unnecessary stress that comes with finding the right people and all the unnecessary expenses.


There are many ways being Custom plastic prototype, we produce the all important prototypes no matter it’s big or small size, along with any other prototype models of your product as physical manifestations of your ideas so that you are able to more readily showcase them to any interested clients. But we also understand that your inventions are precious to you and will therefore keep them confidential until you are ready to reveal them to the rest of the world.


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