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The Popular Trend of Modern Technology – 3D Printing Service

Category : 3D printing

SLA prototype first appeared in the last century 80’s, when the CNC machining technology is not mature enough, so SLA prototype in the product development is widely used, but because of its material is photosensitive resin, not hard enough, so there are some limitations.

Due to the increasing demand for materials at an early stage of new product development, new rapid prototyping techniques have emerged, which is the SLS prototype, which is a powder sintering technology that produces very strong prototype parts, such as: nylon materials, and gets a lot of designers of interesting. This is all early 3D printing technology.

With the continuous development of industrial technology, 3D printing technology has been integrated into the ordinary people’s life and work, not only limited to the rapid manufacturing industry.

3D printing service

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3D printing is one of rapid prototyping technology

Category : 3D printing

3D printing service is a rapid prototyping technology, it is a digital model based on the file, the use of powdery metal or plastic and other adhesive materials, through the layers of the way to build objects to the 3D prototyping technology.

3d printing technology

3D printing is usually done using a digital technology material printer. Often in the mold manufacturing, 3D rapid prototyping, industrial design and other fields are used to build the model, after the gradual use of some products with the direct manufacture, which has been used to print out the use of this technology component. The technology is used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and other fields.

3D printing and robot, Internet of Things, large data, cloud computing and other areas of the combination will be more closely, and thus reduce the cost of storage, optimize the supply chain management, to create “smart factory” to build “smart production” to achieve “smart logistics” Play a more important role in production and fabrication. In addition, some 3D printing companies will also become a million pioneers to play creative, small team to verify the feasibility of the design, to promote innovation and important help. 3D printing also creates many new opportunities. Small batch production and personalized product manufacturing has become a business. Looking to the future, 3D printing will shorten the chain of manufacturing supply chain, making the design, printing, logistics, better integration.



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